You may or may not realize that we offer lots of cool craft supplies and kits (as well as CRAFT and MAKE back issues, box sets, and clothing) for sale in the Maker Shed. Be sure to take a look–if you see something you like, you can get 20% off until midnight on Sunday by entering the code “dogdays” at checkout. Here’s the scoop from the powers that be:

It’s hot here in Sebastopol. So hot, that the PG&E substation across the street blew a transformer and knocked out our power yesterday afternoon. So…. Under the category of anything is a good excuse for a promotion, we’ll do the “dog days” promotion now through midnight Sunday, August 31. Visit MakerShed and enter “dogdays” as the promotional code and get 20% off everything in your shopping cart. Offer expires midnight PST this Sunday (9/1).


26 thoughts on “20% Off in the Maker Shed ’til Midnight Sunday

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Jenny Ryan

Jenny Ryan is an artist, crafter, and maker of things. She lives in Los Angeles with a pack of various animals (including her husband) and writes about her adventures in creating at Exit Through the Thrift Shop.

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