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The Future of Money


RCA: The Future of Money @ Core77 via Beyond the Beyond.

Students in the Design Interactions Department at the Royal College of Art were challenged to explore the future of money when it disappears as a physical currency…

Cash is dissapearing more and more and we are moving towards a cashless society where hard cash only exists on the blackmarket or to buy illegal services and goods. In third world countries ATM cash-machines are rarely available and people usually do not have bank-accounts. With mobile phone becoming ubiquitous, they are becoming more and more the wallet, however without any designed experience. Paying with Credit Cards or RFID cards is a very engineered and raw-data driven transaction, the experience and the process of buying a coffee or a car is basically the same. Very human interactions, gestures and rituals got totally lost or neglected through the introduction of e-money transactions.

What’s interesting about many of these is you could build them now, mostly with Arduinos!

If I had time I think I’d make the inflatable piggy bank, you’d just have a little air get pumped in each time someone swipes their credit card.


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