Briefcase PA system

Pa Briefcaseb

Great idea for your next guerilla lecture tour, a public-address system in a box – runs on C batteries!

The built-in sound system has a 20-watt amplifier and dual, 4″ speakers that produce crisp sound from the briefcase’s front panel, ensuring crystal clear orations. The 14″ by 15″ lectern props up the briefcase and easily accommodates legal pads and note cards. The unit provides two microphone options–a handheld condenser microphone with nine feet of cable and a 3/4″ lavaliere model that clips to a tie or lapel. The control panel on the side of the briefcase enables tone and volume adjustments and the 13″ gooseneck arm attaches to the briefcase and secures the handheld microphone at your preferred height.

Hrrmm … methinks an ultra-bright LED spotlight plus echo effects might be necessary additions for optional dramatic emphasis. – The Orator’s Briefcase PA System [via Neatorama]