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The MAKE mint project tin


Oh yes, we did –

Perfect for many electronics projects, this mint tin is branded with our Make motto, “If You Can’t Open It, You Don’t Own It”.
We even took out those pesky mints! Get ’em while they last and send us your project photos!

Not a moment too soon – I was starting to lose feeling in my tongue after that last mini-amp project – Make Project Tin

12 thoughts on “The MAKE mint project tin

  1. How about making stickers that are just the right size to cover the top of an off-the-shelf Altoids tin?

    Or for that matter, how about just selling sheets of the stickers that come with the Makers Notebook?

  2. @gearhead – this is a limited run, the price likely reflects that.

    @nada – good ideas – I’ll pass ’em on to the store folk

  3. @mzed – I see what you mean, but this tin isn’t intended as an example of reuse.
    It’s a novel enclosure with a nod to the popularity of the Altoids container for small electronics projects.

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