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This is part 6 of an ~8-part series I’m doing on bike-powered devices. If you’ve got a link to another device that should be included or a better-documented version of any of these, comment below or email me and I’ll add it to my last post in the series, summarizing all the interesting pedal-powered projects we’ve found by category. I learned about most of these devices through the old-news Innovate or Die contest.

These designs product power. Suspension scavenger is neat to me because it’s not creating resistance to your forward motion: you’re just using energy that’s wasted bouncing up and down:

Also shift into:

What’s the most efficient bike electricity generator design you can find?

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Luke Iseman makes stuff, some of which works. He invites you to drive a bike for a living (, stop killing your garden (, and live in an off-grid shipping container (

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