WANTED: Human teeth

A MAKE forum member is looking for 100 to 200 human teeth.

22 thoughts on “WANTED: Human teeth

  1. Seriously. Isn’t the buying and selling of any human parts in the United States (or Canada) a felony?
    I’d ask someone in the know before attempting this. It’s a weird time we live in, but Homeland security might show uo at your door wanting to ask some questions. It’s weird times we live in.

  2. If you follow the link, you’ll see that he’s not after real teeth – he wants fake teeth, like you’d find in dentures, only not attached to dentures. Hence, no problems with the lovely folks from the DHS, or any other government agency.

  3. Hah! Eriko like no contact info, LOL! Anyway, actually there is no law in the US against buying and selling real human teeth as long as they aren’t artifacts like of native americans, fossils, etc. You also can’t buy and/or sell things like organs, but human skeletons are actually totally legal. For a long time we used to get many skeletons out of China and India until those two countries banned export. Import into the US is still legal but no country currently allows export out of their own country. However, teeth are not technically ‘skeleton’ so export of teeth probably depends on how each country wrote and interprets their laws. After all, teeth are yanked out daily by dentists so it’s not like there is a shortage or anyone has to die to get them.

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