Traffic light control circuit will lead you in the right direction

This project details a traffic light control circuit that features twenty open collector outputs that turn on one at a time in a continuous sequential manner. The circuit makes use of the 74LSxx family of TTL integrated logic devices. The circuits are designed to drive light emitting diodes or low current, low voltage incandescent lights but can also drive other loads of up to 80 milliamps. Check out the details at the link below.

Traffic Light Control Circuit, via Electronics Lab

4 thoughts on “Traffic light control circuit will lead you in the right direction

  1. Why would anyone do something as complicated as this in this day and age?

    A simple AVR with internal oscillator would solve that problem cheaper, smaller, faster and so much more flexibility that it’d make your head spin.

  2. My assumption was this is an ancient article.

    It’s still interesting to see how to it as a sequential circuit. I took courses on this type of hardware design. Even today for commerical applications you might still want to use an FPGA rather than an MCU. So it is useful skills.

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