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HOW TO – ESD removal mouse

Esd Mouse

A simple and helpful idea – David added a ground contact to his mouse.

I work a lot with ESD sensitive stuff – ICs, transistors and other devices. And that means – if I don’t wanna kill em all I need to discharge often – which is quite annoying. But I happen to work with a computer, and a standard input device – the mouse. Which gave me a nice idea – use the Ground connection of the mouse to discharge me.

Makes a lot of sense for those searching the web for datasheets and identifying ICs often. – ESD removal mouse

10 thoughts on “HOW TO – ESD removal mouse

  1. I’d imagine putting a small bolt into the mouse, with a nut and a spade connector on the inside might be a little less… Dangerous than having the end of the wire poking you all the time.

  2. When you read the article, you will see that he bent the wire to the form of the mouse. I don’t think I would ever feel that.

  3. Something similar happened to me once. I had a laptop that had a nasty habit of giving me a static charge whenever it was handled. It was probably because of the type of plastic the case used. Sometimes I would accidently discharge through the USB, VGA, touchpad or power jack and cause the darn thing to shut down or reboot. I used some aluminum based tape and covered the palmrest area around the touchpad. The tape wrapped around the top half of the case and was grounded to the system ground. I wanted to add a few megs of resistance to it, but that wasn’t easily done, so I left it directly connected. Arcing over to tape never shut down or rebooted the machine, so I left it as is.

  4. Actually I don’t feel the wire there at all – I’ve melted it into the plactic abit, and now I don’t feel a thing.

    Note: Will work only if your PC is grounded to the mains – notebooks are a nono.

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