first rule of gunfight
PlaidCrafter on Cut Out + Keep made a nice gunfight-themed cross stitch that proclaims, “The first rule of a gunfight is to bring a gun.”

14 thoughts on “Gunfight Cross Stitch

  1. What is the point, do we really need more guns and violent references even as a joke/craft/kitsch whatever this is supposed to be?

  2. One could say the same thing about ducks/bunnies/food-with-faces and whatever else people cross stitch. What, exactly, is the point, except to enjoy oneself in the practice of a craft?

  3. The point is that the phrase is a metaphor. Basically, it means to come prepared for the task at hand. If you are going to a gunfight, bring a gun. If you are going to a knit-off, bring your needles!

  4. The point is, not all metaphors are ok just because they’re metaphors. Perhaps pick one which are appropriate for today’s context; this one isn’t.

  5. When a critic sets himself up as an arbiter of morality, a judge of the matter and not the manner of a work, he is no longer a critic; he is a censor.
    EDWARD ALBEE, preface, The American Dream

  6. Don’t even worry about the naysayers Michelle! In fact I have a suggestion for an accompanying piece “The second rule of a gunfight is don’t expect to win a gunfight with a knife!”
    Just keep on doin’ YOU girlita! You rawk!

  7. I am for stronger gun controls, against gun violence, etc etc. It’s very important. That’s why I’m disappointed that someone who cares about guns in our society like me, would waste their energy complaining about a common idiom in the comments of a craft blog instead of doing something that might make a real difference. http://www.visi.com/juan/congress/

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