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Russian town smiles @ Google Earth


People from the Russian town of Chelyabinsk got together to form a massive smiley face just in time for Google Earth’s photo-taking satellite to pass by. – Smile to Quickbird [via Slashdot]

8 thoughts on “Russian town smiles @ Google Earth

  1. Quickbird doesn’t see through clouds. Even if it did pass over at the stated time, it wouldn’t have seen anything. Not a surprise, then, that the smiley is not in Google Earth.

  2. even if event is not depicted on google, I’m convinced that a bunch of people got together to make a giant smile … which is nice, regardless =)

    curious tho, how can you be sure it was cloudy?

  3. I do believe they’re real pictures, and it’s certainly nice regardless. But the person/people who used the images of that “nice” event is still trying to pull a hoax.

    I would very strongly suspect that the people involved in the event and its organizers were not in on the hoax.

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