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NES controller sockets

Parallax just released a NES controller socket (7-pin, male) compatible with the classic NES controller, why is this a big deal? Before this there wasn’t any place to get these and now you can use NES controllers for all sorts of projects. Prior to this some folks bought up the 6 way splitters and cannibalized them, expect to see some cool game kits using these soon.

10 thoughts on “NES controller sockets

  1. You just made my day. This was the one missing item to make a multiple unit build of my NES to USB adapter feasible. I wasn’t looking forward to having to buy a bunch of NES Four Scores just to rip connectors out of.

  2. I bugged Parallax a couple years ago about selling these after I saw their Hydra development board, but they told me they didn’t sell them. I guess they changed their mind.

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