DIY Halloween – The Classics : Storm Machine

Although it’s neither blood nor guts every good Haunted House or Halloween party needs some good sound fx. So instead of that tired “Halloween CD FX” you bought at Big Lots for a nickel why not build your own lightning machine to really freak out your guests? Here is a sweet one from Spooky Blue for around $25.00. Build it here.

Also don’t forget our huge MAKE Halloween Contest!

2 thoughts on “DIY Halloween – The Classics : Storm Machine

  1. A long time ago I got this thing from Radio Shack for my birthday that looked like a traffic light where the lights flash to the beat of the music or any noise really. The cheap particle board case finally disintegrated a few years ago but I took the lights and other guts out of it and stuck them into a round piece of cardboard which fits nicely into a large pumpkin, with 2 lights pointing up and one pointing down and the cardboard placed in the middle dividing the top and bottom.

    Basically the top 2 lights flash in the eyes, while the bottom light flashes in the nose and mouth.

    Now, every year, when the kids come trick or treating, the pumpkin flashes at them when they make any noise (like yelling “trick or treat!”) – it gets lots of notice from all the kids and their parents.

    Guess I’ll have to take some pics and/or vid of it this year to share

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