DIY: Wall-Mounted Recharging Station

I desperately need a charging station for all my tech junk, but they are usually fairly ugly. This DIY version looks pretty cool, especially the spot to plug in a laptop.

So, I had a need. It is a common one. I had many (so many!) digital gadgets that needed to regularly suckle at the electric teat. This resulted in an octopus mess of chargers, digital devices crammed everywhere there was an outlet, and a constant search to find plug A suitable for fitting into slot B.

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4 thoughts on “DIY: Wall-Mounted Recharging Station

  1. Wouldn’t it be great if everything used a mini-USB for charging? There’s really no need for the middle USB size or the tiny, tiny sub-micro size. And there’s certainly no need for custom sockets. Yes, I’m looking at you Apple!

    I’ve got it down now so all the small gadgets can be charged from USB. I then have a portable USB charger with an international mains convertor to power it.

    1. @ Julian

      There are so many proprietary plugs out there too! It drives me crazy….We would all love a 1-plug-fits-all, too bad it isn’t ever going to happen. :(

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