DIY: UV Light Box

This is a really nice UV light box for making PCBs. It supports double sided boards, has a built in timer, and a safety switch to turn off the unit when opened. Looks like a great alternative to expensive commercial versions.

I’m just toying around with this idea at the moment. If I start using photo exposure PCB type production, I’m probably going to need a light box. I have tried using spray on photo-sensitive resist and exposure to the sun. It was a complete failure. Presensitised boards, and a light box seem the way to go. I haven’t read much about this technique on the web, so I’m still a bit cautious.

More about DIY: UV Light Box

4 thoughts on “DIY: UV Light Box

  1. This type of light box when combined with UV bulbs is extremely dangerous. Aside from the safety they are a pain in the rear end because you get about 90 seconds, +/- 2 to get a proper exposure. Stick with ordinary fluorescent bulbs and that grows to about 10 minutes, +/- about 1 minute so you have plenty of room for error and you still get good board.

    Try not to go blind.

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