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Spray paint jumps into the real world

This sculpture by Canadian artist Julien Valle gives new meaning to the phrase “jumping right out of the page”. Valle has sculpted the resulting spray from a typical can of spray paint into a spiky reality. Check out the link below for more of his work including a 24×100 inch hanging banner with hundreds of office supplies, tools, electronics, and other supplies attached to it.

Julien Vallee Works

6 thoughts on “Spray paint jumps into the real world

  1. I am not sure what this headline implies. Did someone think spray paint the product of myth? Some kind of ethereal pigment? Yes Virginia there is spray paint.

  2. ddickhead, hes making a comment on the beauty that the spray can can create, hes trying to say that street art can be colorful and beautiful, turning our concrete rainforest’s into something with colour.

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