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Redfly terminal, priced right for hacking?


JC sent in a link in response to 24 hours of Android. He was suggesting an adapter for the headphone, essentially usb to 1/8″ stereo. The $6 purchase price indicates that there must be a simple way of doing it. While checking out some of the other accessories for HTC phones, I came upon this neat little terminal. Redfly is apparently a keyboard and screen to go with your smartphone. With no processor, memory or much else, it is likely pretty light. It looks to be about the size of the micro laptops or notebook computers running processors similar to the OLPC. It rides off the USB connection from the phone.

So what are the possibilities in these little computers and terminals when combined with the new, powerful phones on the market? Could I get my MSI Wind to be a terminal for my G1? That would have been handy last night, where I had ok coverage on the 2G network, but no wifi. Out here in the cellular fringe, 3G is not an option. The small screen and keyboard of the Wind would have been easier to use than the tiny screen and keyboard of the phone. Since both devices have USB ports, then it should be possible to program them to talk to each other.

If you have been poking around with this idea, then post up in the comments!


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