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Custom Nintendo DS skins

A few months ago I fell into a Nintendo DS for cheap. Somebody wanted a new phone…So once I got my hands on it, I just had to stickerfy it. Here are some shots of the process of putting custom vinyl skins on my ds. This could be a decent little moneymaker. I got it to the point where I could get the stickersto cut right, and got them on pretty consistently, then ran out of summer vacation.

The file for the skin came from They came through with the right proportions, but bigger than the device, probably for ease of design. I just used their file to get something so I didn’t have to start from scratch. By putting various colors of vinyl in the machine, it would be possible to change the color of your ds to any number of combinations. It would also be possible to make multicolor vinyl images as well.

The tool that this was done on is the Roland Camm1, which is the sign cutter of choice in the Fab Lab system. Here is a page that shows some of the process for using the vinylcutter in Windows. This one is for CAM, which is used in many of the Fab Labs. Many local sign shops have this tool as well.


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