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DIY: Cardboard laptop cooler

Here is another great idea form James Li. This time he used some scrap cardboard and an old case fan to make a laptop cooler. Let’s just hope his laptop does get too hot, cardboard ignites easily.

My laptop needs to be slightly elevated to cool it down, so here is a laptop cooler (unfortunately, not strong enough to be made into a stand) It even runs on USB power! All I need to plug it into a spare USB port. I stripped this USB plug form the masses of USB extenders that Dick Smith ship with their flash drives (that’s that black USB plug)

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8 thoughts on “DIY: Cardboard laptop cooler

  1. Could be made much “cooler” (See what I did?) by constructing it as a lattice of cardboard strips. Then it would have the strength to be a stand.

  2. How does it cool the laptop if the fan is concentrated on just a corner of it. This really could be improved if the air had streams to travel through.

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