One of the new kit releases I got a big kick out of at Maker Faire Austin was the HexPummer Lantern from our compadres at Solarbotics. This is an add-on to their popular HexPummer, a kit version of a cool BEAM circuit that creates throbbing LED light that “PUMMs” when darkness falls and the circuit slowly dumps the power from the solar cell and rechargeable batteries that have been soaking up and storing the day’s sun. Put this inside of a handsome little laser-cut Japanese lantern with geeky silhouettes (or seasonal ones) and you have the HexPummer Lantern. This is a great entry-level kit, something that the builder will have fun showing off when s/he’s done making it.

Solarbotics even made special MAKE and Maker Faire Austin Lantern kits. These kits, and the HexPummers, are available in the Maker Shed.


HexPummer Kit (Pummer only)
Our Price:


Lantern Kit (Lantern only)
Our Price: $7.50