Seriously, what is not to love about this video? Proper accents, a remote control car crashing into a concrete barrier at highway speed, lots of camera angles, slow mo replays, picking through the wreckage in the post-crash analysis. And then they do it again to a second car!

From 70 miles an hour to naught in one second, energy to move tons of concrete…The steel cage has certainly done its’ job really well, you can still see the original shape…Its only when you come round the front that you see that Massive Impact.

The Smart Car sure is tiny, but it has a surprising ability to handle the impact of crashes.

Cars have significantly different safety design aspects to alter the way they protect passengers in an acident. Th older cars of the 80’s and before, were largely made of steel, and had rigid frames. Modern automotive design has many softer features intended to shift the energy of impact away from the passengers. It is much easier to find out how a car will perform in an accident than in the past.

How well would your car stand up in an accident? Has your vehicle been designed with shock absorbing crumple zones? Do you know how to drive for maximum safety? How about that remote control action? Have you ever rigged up a car to be controllable through radio or other systems? Add your photos to the Make Flickr pool, and comment in with your tales of success/failure and adventure!