I like “dumb bots” (a.k.a. BEAM robots) as much as the next analog electronics fan, but Baca RoboCup is something entirely different. These baca (“foolish” or “stupid”) robots are meant to be as idiotic as possible and must be “useless to society,” in fact, the biggest chucklebot is voted the winner. BTW: It also states in the official Baca RoboCup rules that the bots “must make people laugh (without the use of explosives).”

I like these walking trashcan bots built by Robot Force, a group of builders from Osaka. They don’t seem very stupid to me. I’d buy a trashcan that could walk itself to the curb. Maybe not surprisingly, they didn’t win. Not stupid enough.

Bacarobo 2008 – Stupid Robot Competition [via Pink Tentacle]