Lifehacker has figured out which DIY projects people viewed most on their site over the last year. Here’s video of my favorite:

And here’s the full top 10:

  • DIY Invisible Floating Bookshelf
  • DIY Camera Stabilizer On-the-Cheap
  • Backyard Shed Turned Home Office
  • Set Up Cheap Ambient Lighting with Rope Lights
  • Build Your Own Wire Photo Wall
  • Build a Home Theater PC for Less than $200
  • Microwave an Instant Chocolate Cake in a Coffee Mug
  • Drink Delicious Water with a Reverse Osmosis Filter
  • Turn Your Broken Laptop into an Arcade Cocktail Cabinet
  • Increase Your Privacy with $16 DIY Window Frosting

Check out the article for links to the above, their all-time most-popular DIY projects, and to find out what a “listicle” is!

Luke Iseman

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