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Airplane wing desk

(Image via Ecofriend)

Isn’t spending $4200 on a desk made out of an actual airplane wing more important than a few month’s rent? If so, get yours here! Otherwise, anybody know of a good place to find a few abandoned chunks of airplanes?

16 thoughts on “Airplane wing desk

  1. If you are seriously considering spending that kind of dough on that kind of desk, I don’t think that $4200 is going to be a few months rent, more like one months rent. Or a couple of weeks.

    Its kinda interesting, its a pity the glass is necessary though. Also note also the shopping cart chair in the foreground.

  2. There are several airplane graveyards in California. If you find the piece you’re looking for, the body parts (unless they’re in perfect, serviceable condition) will go for just over scrap metal prices.

  3. Looks like a T tail from a beechcraft King air 200. it’s not a wing it’s part of the vertical and horizontal stabilizer.

  4. I remember there use to be a TV show about a guy that would buy up surplus airplane parts and make furniture. I can’t remember the name at the moment.

  5. It was called Wing Nuts; it was on Discovery for a while, until one of the cast members died and the show was canceled.

    Their work looked a lot nicer than chopped-up tail section, but I think it carried a lot higher price tag too.

  6. The one you can see in the image above is owned by Theo Paphitis, one of the millionaires on the BBC TV show “Dragon’s Den”.

    He had it built by a guy who made custom furniture from assorted scrap – a business that he invested in.

    The image looks like a screen grab from the follow up show that was made about the dragons and their investments.

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