Sparkfun’s autonomous vehicle race


Sparkfun is planning a big ol’ robot race around their building in Boulder, CO –

April 15th, 2009 10AM – Rain, shine, or snow

Create a vehicle that can autonomously navigate
around the SparkFun building

$300 cash first prize

Sounds like fun, though I’m kind of disappointed the prize wasn’t some shiny new Sparkfun awesomeness – oh well, cash will do! More details available here – Autonomous vehicle race

8 thoughts on “Sparkfun’s autonomous vehicle race

  1. Cool- I’ll be there! It’s right down the street from my house… surprised my car wasn’t pictured in the parking lot because I pick up parts from there so often!

  2. We already have people measuring our sidewalks for this race. This is going to be a very fun event, and we are all very excited to see what you guys are putting together. $300 cash goes a long way for shiny new Sparkfun awesomeness. You can even do a local pickup! ;) See you guys out here.

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