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My laser etched PowerBook


While I’m not so sure about getting myself a MAKE: tattoo, I was willing to put my beloved 12″ PowerBook under the laser when Tod offered. We etched a MAKE: logo and a graphic of an espresso portafilter on there. Anyone else want to share their laser etched laptop tattoos? Or, better yet, does anyone have a MAKE: tattoo under their own skin?

12 thoughts on “My laser etched PowerBook

  1. When I saw Becky’s laser-etched MacBook at Maker Faire, I was insanely jealous. I would be a little terrified putting mine under the laser, but am getting the urge to more every day – especially as I see more etched ones around. How goofy is it, though, that I get more nervous about etching my laptop than getting a tattoo?

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