Every year, some friends of mine throw an “Art Hat” party for New Year’s Eve. We get together and each construct a hat that we wear at the stroke of midnight. We parade around in the hats while banging on their pots and pans. Last year, we had a bonfire in their front yard and make a tremendous racket outside (their Arlington neighbors must LOVE them). This year, it was too bloody cold, so we made our joyful noise inside the house. The hats people put together on the fly are pretty impressive.

My hat (seen here) was made of paper I corrugated (with a paper crimping tool I have), a paper plate, red grommets, computer keyboard membrane, LEDs, a Blinky Bug circuit, and chocolates (the platform for the bug). This is the hat the next day so it’s a little worse for wear. I had a very…er complicated year I needed to dance off.

Happy New Year!