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Plantable/reusable calendars

(Via Ecofriend)

Cool: a company selling a calendar with pages that you plant to grow wildflowers.

Cooler: This abstract perpetual calendar:


Or, at the opposite extreme, the Martha Stewart take on a monthly tile calendar.

Coolest: a Maker creating a gift calendar with weekly seed packets that can be grown into food at that time of the year in recipient’s climate. For even more eco-factor, actually recycle a 2008 calendar by marking in the holiday / date changes you care about. The days of the week for January 2008 match those for January 2009 if you move the day headers over by 2 (1/1/08 = Tuesday, 1/1/09 = Thursday),and you can embrace the hack to make a calendar that looks like a ransom note:)

If you have any Maker-friendly ways of sustainably ringing in the New Year and maintaining a semblance of knowing what day it is, please comment below!

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