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This DIY portable game console features a color screen, tilt sensors, and 4 games. Of course you can always program more games if you build one for yourself. Check out the link for pictures of the system stuffed inside a relatively small enclosure. This is a great electronics project that is very well documented.

By pulling together a handful of low-cost parts and building the system ourselves, we have demonstrated that a complete programmable portable console can be had for less than $70, even when purchasing the parts we sampled. Our implemenation runs on a single 9V battery and features tilt-based control, monophonic sound, and 3 playable games. We call it the Weeboy because it combines features of the Nintendo Gameboy Color and the Nintendo Wii.

A lot more information about making a Weeboy [embedds]

4 thoughts on “Weeboy: A DIY video game system

  1. Thanks for featuring my project! It’s now over a year and a half old, but I still look back on it with fond memories. Plus, whenever I have a 9 volt battery lying around, I can still play it! :)

    1. @Montoya

      No problem, thanks for sharing the details of the build. Keep me (and our readers) updated on any new projects you make. Thanks!

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