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This is a video I took on the 2nd of January 2009 at my amateur radio station. I first heard it on New Year’s eve early afternoon. It was on all day today and other ham operators across the country have reported receiving the signal; a very strong signal as well. The frequency of the signal is at 14.250 to 14.255 MHz. It seems to be on at all hours and no one has yet to decipher or explain it. Any theories? Anyone?

Curious, anyone know of a good explanation? Please share in the comments.

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  1. I’ll take a look at it at tomorrow but if it turns out a US citizen is broadcasting I’ll have to delete it and pretend it never happened or I’ll loose my job. Hope it’s a Russian cold war era relic!

  2. I also heard it from Lansing, MI right on 14.250 faint but audible. Moved the antenna twice and it comes from North to North West.

  3. All right, I’m totally excited about this , and I want to have some research on this signal in my studio. But this video’s sound truly sucks. + our Radio Guy moved the camera while recording, which caused a phase shifting. If someone, somehow, someway could find a good&normal record of this, pleeease let me know.

    cheater.boss@gmail.com / info@canozbay.com


    1. Apparently Radio Guy didn’t know you would want to analyze the sound content, so maybe the next time you could be kind enough to inform same of your intentions. After all we do wake up every day just waiting for your schedule reports.

  4. I for one, welcome our gray overlords.

    It reminded me of the stories where there were mysterious posts in newspapers and even craigslist about a phone number one would call, only to hear odd sounds like this. I thought I heard this story on boingboing but a search turned up nothing. Perhaps it was the microchip they implanted in my head…

  5. I’ll head down to my uncles whos got a digital ham radio unit and get him to really focus on it! Thts if its being picked up in the UK?!

  6. Its a count down. don’t you hear it? they are using our satellites to globally communicate. The signal is cycling down until it stops…. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

  7. On the 2nd of Jan we were out walking and saw what looked to be a flame high in the sky (around 5pm GMT), an orange sort of light. It just stood still in the sky in the same place. To be honest nobody thought much of it, nobody could understand what it was so we all quickley forgot about it.

    Then I see this:


    and then I hear about this!

    Perhaps its somthing to do with the credit crunch!? :o)

    Interesting though.

    1. I did not say W2PHDL…look me up on http://www.qrz.com for your satisfaction……I was ill with flu that 2nd of January 2009 and said W2PHD “OUT.” I listened and it did sound sort of like “el,” but not so. I am licenced as W2PHD in New York. I also made the mistake of saying the second of July 2009, but it was the 2nd of January 2009. All’s forgiven? There were other reports about this signal on qrz.com I spoke with many hams that day that heard it also, only on that particular frequency as I have been told by others that happened upon it. No fake signals, no ulterior motives; just happened to be listening in for someone to have a chat with and came across it. I’m a scientist and not a prankster. I hope that ticks your tock.

  8. There’s some interesting, near-vocal formant motion going on in that signal. I think the suggestion that this is perhaps a new type of numbers station is about right. If I were running a numbers station in the current social-political climate, I’d want to a) disguise the voice of the person reading the numbers and b) render the numbers themselves unintelligible to anyone without the right equipment.

  9. Sounds like feedback when a microphone has been left too close to a speaker. Possibly done accidentally possibly by someone leaving their radio on and not noticing it.

  10. Google the buddha machine, it’s a little ambient sound generator thing. I bought one to check it out and promptly wrapped it up as a xmas present for someone I didn’t like. It’s presumably been regifted a few times since then.
    Anyway, can you hear a loop in it every say 2 or 3 minutes?
    Whoever makes these things seems to be trying their darndest to market them as a cult item or something. This would fit into that logic I’m guessing.

  11. I’m not a licensed ham,but I’m techie enough to see how easily this could be faked. Please note, the date given in the video is “Second July 2009.” From there, lets look at the talk with the dog… Sweet and endearing, huh? That is slight of hand for your feelings… it makes you want to believe more… Something’s not right here….

  12. I will have to agree, its the clue we have all been looking for. Its a signal from the cylons who are returning to their homeworld “EARTH”. Hence we are all cylons, the 5th cylon (s) are us.

  13. Hey MD, I’m not a licenced ham either, but I’m rational enough not to call something fake if I have no means of even trying to verify it, when hundreds of licenced hams who actually own radios seem to be confirming it. He probably just mis-spoke the date.

  14. Sounds like REALLY bad CW. I can make out an occasional character. And 14.250 is the 2nd harmonic of 7125, which is the old US Novice band on 40.
    Then again, any of you ever see the movie “On the Beach”?

  15. Who would broadcast illegible code for days on end?

    If it was completely random you’d still occasionally recognize a few characters of code.

  16. This sounds like a synthesized or heavily sampled human voice. However they then took that still humanish sounding voice and used it as the Filter for the feedbacky wave sound you hear. This is called Convolution in some fields. Others have called it “Morphing” of two samples.

    I concur with some of the theories above that this is a Numbers Station that someone is attempting to conceal with audio processing.

  17. Really sounds like the way personal computers of the 80’s encoded digital signals so that they could be recorded to cassette tape.

    Slow it down as Meristem suggests and you’ll hear exactly what I’m talking about.

  18. The signal apparently consists of 7 non-musical tones or carriers which periodically shift upward in frequency and wrap around to the bottom of the channel, and have no phase modulation or sidebands but appear to be modulated by voice using a “vocoder” process; although I do not know if the tones are vocoded before or after the voice. This does not seem to be data unless it is slow parallel ASCII which I doubt. It does not appear to be very well scrambled or encrypted and is probably either a joke or in any case meant to be heard rather than concealed. Consider everything I said to be a “very good guess” including that I think the source of the signal may be Alaska, because if RDF can’t pin it down, it is probably HAARP (oops, I suppose mentioning that automatically disqualifies my opinion, but I don’t care).

  19. harmonics is the correct answer. its called image response interference. its bleed over from broadcasted digital tv signal. i bet all you ham ops never heard of side band either. this is too funny

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