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Handmade Music this Thursday (1/15/09) will be bangin!


This month’s Handmade Music event is shaping up to be a truly awesome hands-on showcase of sound maker bliss. Check out what’ll be on hand –

Bizarre sonic objects made from dismembered mannequin torsos and legs, transformed into a Theremin and maracas

Mouse & the Billionaire’s Gestural controllers, made with wood and 3D printers, shaping sound with movement

Brian Kerr’s Dynamic Musical Interfaces

Rucyl Mills’ over-the-shoulder musical fashion with snakeskin and leather

Notendo’s prepared Nintendo NES

Make:Television screening with more projects, plus a presentation by Phil Torrone.

Plus –

  • Demos, short performances, chatting, meeting (ubergeeks and newcomers alike), science-fair style show-and-tell
  • Free beer provided by Pabst Blue Ribbon

Handmade Music
Free (+ free beer while it lasts)
Thursday, January 15
7:30-10:30pm (drop by for as long as you’d lie)
3rd Ward, Brooklyn NY
Directions to the Space

More info @ CDM – Like a DIY NAMM: Handmade Music Preview