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Lenticular image tool

In response to yesterday’s post about creating lenticular images by splicing two photos together, MAKE reader Benedikt Seidl sent us a utility that makes the slightly tedious job a bit easier.

Some years ago i made a php-script for Lenticular images. You can also make one Lenticular image from three pictures and choose how many stripes you want.

The source isn’t available, but I did give the script on Benedikt’s site a try and it works quite well. After making a couple of these manually, I can attest that this is a _huge_ timesaver.

Anyone care to send in a Photoshop macro?

Lenticular Image Utility in PHP

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  1. The hell with a Photoshop macro, you could do this with less the 20 lines of code in Processing…Maybe I’ll get on that…

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