As you may already noticed, promotional efforts are currently afoot for the forthcoming film adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s horror-fairytale Coraline. The animated film is noted for, among other things, being entirely handmade. It’s also the first stop-motion animated feature to be shot in stereoscopic 3D.

As part of the promotional effort for the film, the studio, LAIKA, sent 50 unique, handmade boxes to their 50 favorite blogs. MAKE got one! Box #44 showed up at our doorstep. Our photo editor, Sam Murphy, took these pics. It’s a gorgeous piece, beautifully executed and suitably strange. All of the boxes are different. Check out the one that NOTCOT got. Ours is “SEEDS,” theirs is “WIGS.” NOTCOT is also keep a page on all the boxes they find online.

Thanks for the cool swag, guys! We love you, too.

Official Coraline Website