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DIY hard saddlebag for your bike

Flickr user ‘xddorox’ has a nice and simple DIY hard saddlebag for your bike. It’s a great use for an old plastic jar, and makes a fairly watertight enclose. Just remember to take your stuff with you since it doesn’t have a lock.

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12 thoughts on “DIY hard saddlebag for your bike

    1. @ehrichweiss

      Yeah, I noticed that too, but I decided to name it that way since the original maker called it a “saddlebag”. I was hoping to sneak that by……….

  1. Theft of bikes and things on bikes is a big issue, so I’d prefer to see something like this be removable. The only problem with that is that this plastic thing is likely to stink after absorbing road grit.

  2. I’d be a little concerned about the noise from stuff rattling around inside it while riding. Lining it with foam or neoprene might keep the noise down.

    Mounting it on the handlebars with the cover tethered to it would let you use it as a carry-all for cell phone, etc., or as a drink holder with the cap removed.

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