Advanced Maker Faire tickets now on sale!

Many of you may still be huddled around the cast iron stove down at the local feed store, spinning snowed-in tall tales with the other old codgers, but it’s getting to that time of the season where thoughts drift ahead to springtime and the glorious sights, sounds, and smells of the spring fair.

Okay, so it may be more likely that you’re huddled around a space heater, twittering on your tricked-out G1 whines about how freakin’ cold it is and how you have a flu you can’t shake, but you’re probably starting to dream about springtime too, and *your* favorite fair: Maker Faire!

To help sustain you for a few more weeks of harsh winter, get you thinking about the Faire, and maybe some cool projects you’d like to demo there (oh, and to save you a few bucks), we’ve put advanced, discounted tickets on sale. Order your tickets before May 20th and get 20-50% off the regular ticket price (see link below for details). Also, we have an offer to get a free Adult Day Pass (a $25 value) to the Faire for each subscription to MAKE and CRAFT you purchase.

Maker Faire Tickets

Find out more about Maker Faire.


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