Gakken releases premium theremin

photo by sadnoiss on Flickr

Gakken recently released a relatively low cost deluxe theremin. Complete with iconic antennae configuration, the instrument sounds quite nice indeed. After a brief tour through relevant user-made vids, I suspect it’s inspired many to actually learn how to play music the easy-to-pick-up-difficult-to-master device (and that’s cool in and of itself) – Gakken Premium (Google translation) [via Theremin World]

12 thoughts on “Gakken releases premium theremin

  1. MAn this looks sweet. If only I didn’t already have a theremin…I mean how many theremins does a man need? Considering I can’t even play a proper scale or melody….

  2. Ha, you found my photo! :)
    Please note that I am a big fan of this blog and also a subscriber to the magazine!

    Desperatly looking for a scene like yours here in Germany …

  3. @Sadnoiss – thanks for posting the pics – and subscribing!

    Hmmm, ever consider organizing a meetup or a hacker group?

  4. “Too many” and “Musical Instruments” are 2 phrases that don’t go together. Come to think of it, there’s a lot of things “Too many” doesn’t go with… Bicycles… Radios… Clocks… Houseplants…. Cats… No, scratch that, there *IS* such a thing as “Too many Cats”…

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