DIY LED pushbutton switches


Illuminated pushbuttons can be costly, cool-looking, and really quite helpful especially when panel space is in short dupply. Well here’s details on making your own with tactile switches, go ‘head get blinky/flashy – Alternative buttons [via Hack A Day]

12 thoughts on “DIY LED pushbutton switches

  1. Won’t the LED’s solid leads flex and eventually crack from the stress? I know the distance of travel isn’t very much, so maybe it wouldn’t be a big deal…

    It’s a really nifty idea, though. I like it. I just wonder how durable it would be.

  2. Yes, I think it’ll work, but in the long term, the LED leads will fail. Murphy’s Law says that they’ll fail just when you’re relying on them!

  3. I think it’s cute but won’t last. I’d try putting a blob of hot melt glue or maybe epoxy around the LED leads on the component side to act as a stain relief.

  4. true, those leads may snap in time. After bending them outward on the bottom side of the board (and not soldering them) I’d cut them and make extensions with stranded wire. Might be a tedious process, but I think it’d work. Also consider using 10mm or cylindrical LEDs for easier accessibility and push comfort.

  5. i was thinking of something using surface mount leds

    the stress on the leads i don’t have a solution tho.

    i’m just thinking that surface mount would have a lower profile, perhaps a sleeve that travels around the led to press the button? course that would up the price and build tolerance.

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