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Can you say adorable? Learn how to make these candy buttons in the Candy Buttons 101 tutorial from Bake It Pretty where you can buy the molds to make these sweet treats. She also provides downloadable labels like the one below so you can package up your treats as a gift for your sweetie. [ via The Small Object ]

14 thoughts on “Candy Buttons 101

  1. Yikes! I have to agree, candy buttons? They are really cute, but they look so real! It does seem like it would be enough to confuse a child.

  2. Worries about them teaching kids to eat buttons? Because only kids eat candy, am I right? It really shocks me sometimes what people will find to complain about.

  3. The cautious crafters have a point. It’s kinda stunning what kids will put in their mouths in general. Saving these for people without children doesn’t detract from their loveliness one bit. Gorgeous project!

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