For those of you who like to see the whole episodes of Make: television, here’s a chance to see episode 1 in all its glory.

Meet Cyclecide, an inventive band of performance artists who build outrageous bicycle contraptions straight out of the dump. In the Maker Workshop segment John Park turns an old VCR into automated cat feeder, and William Gurstelle demonstrates the “Nibbler” – an unusual tool for shaping metal. Maker Channel contributors showcase their talents through scream machines, laser harps, cupcake cars and a sly gadget that turns off those annoying TV screens in public places.

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18 thoughts on “MAKE: television Episode 1 – Bicycle Rodeo & VCR Powered Cat Feeder

  1. I am really enjoying these episodes. Thanks.
    But, I was wondering if someone at Make could provide a clear place to see all the videos and organized. I mentioned before that I prefer youtube, but if there was one spot I could go and see a clear list (ie: EP1:1 EP1:2, etc…). The youtube channel mixes in the weekend projects, and other videos.

  2. when i try downloading your videos. they go really slowly and skip every 2 seconds.
    what should i do?

    1. The videos play better on faster computers or those with fast connections. There are a couple ways to save the files to your computer, where they’d likely play better than the embedded ones. Go to the video in Blip and choose the format you wish to download with the “Play video as”, near the bottom of the page, you’ll find an option to save the file. Right-click that and save to your computer. You can also do the same thing on Vimeo, but you need to login.

      Hope this helps!

      Make: television

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