First invented in 1885 for use by the daring ladies of the Cloud Frontier, the Discreet Companion has been a staple of purses and garter belts ever since.

The interns at the MAKE Labs had a good old time building Molly “Porkshanks” Friedrich’s “Discreet Companion” Ladies Raygun from the Lost Knowledge section of MAKE Volume 17. Using materials you can gather from your local hardware and home stores, along with a cigar torch lighter, you can make this fine accessory that no discriminating lady should be without. When you pull the trigger, an inch-long flame shoots out of the end.

Here’s one version the interns are building (sans cigar torch insert):


Molly is an incredibly talented and imaginative costume and prop designer, as well as a self-proclaimed “pan-dimensional smuggler.” I love this last line from the how-to: ” Don’t smoke, kids! Use your raygun to light devotional incense, airship lanterns, or cartoon dynamite only!”

MAKE 17 hits newsstands on March 10th. Look for it at a fine bookstore near you or subscribe now, kick back, and get it in your mailbox.