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I have become a snacker. (Pregnancy does that to you.) I’m always carting around pieces of fruit, little baggies of nuts, pumpkin seeds, crackers, or what have you. And once I have a baby to cart around as well, I’m guessing Cheerios (or some variant) will figure large in my life. So how stoked was I to see this great reusable snack bag tutorial? Very! Much more fun than reusing plastic baggies until they’re crumpled and almost opaque, and the perfect way to use up scrap fabric. I’ve never used PUL (polyurethane laminate fabric), but I have some oilcloth that might do the trick to keep moist or sticky snacks from making a mockery of my purse. Via Whip Up.

8 thoughts on “Reusable Snack Bag Tutorial

  1. I had never seen anything like this until I decided to
    Make some. Great minds think alike. Cotton works too. Mine are at

  2. This is so ironically funny. I saw a little bento box online shop selling these and I thought, “I can make those!” My son is starting at a full day school program for autism and asperger’s on Monday and I thought reusable snack bags would be great for his lunches. I found some PUL Thomas the Tank Engine fabric on ebay that I ordered (to match his Thomas back pack!) Thanks for the tutorial, I was just going to figure it out myself.

  3. oilcloth is not food safe–so make sure you line w/ something that is. (it leaches estrogens into the food, similar to what happens when you heat up plastic wrap in a microwave.)

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