Dev blocks for modular breadboarding


Flickr member Kitty’s Pictures shares these shots of her homebrew develeopment blocks. Who can resist an array of mini-modularity?

uC prototyping blocks, aka “Dev Blocks.” These are small single component boards that are ready to plug into a breadboard.

Here the connectors are interlocked.

From left to right:
Piezo element
Bi-color LED (red/green) x2
SPST, N-O momentary switch w/ pulldown resistor
Light dependent resistor (LDR)
DS18B20 I2C digital temperature sensor
LM35 temperature sensor (10mV/C)

I’ve made some similar boards with header pins for my most commonly used prototyping parts and small circuits. It’s definitely a good move if you find yourself a non-plussed about breadboarding.