UK subscriber John Honniball sent us a link to a piece on the BBC’s site, with videos, about the recent Maker Faire Newcastle and the maker movement in general. I like the title: “We are all makers and hackers:”

And it is this urge to control that is among the most important parts of the maker movement, said Mr Frauenfelder.

“Western culture has forgotten that our hands have this full range of motion and ability to do things rather than just pressing game controller buttons and tap on a keyboard,” he said.

“You gain a great sense of self-efficacy once you master things,” he said. “It gives you confidence in other related areas and it builds upon itself.

“This is what we are evolved to do.”

John Honniball himself is in the video piece, talking about his retro-computers (the Compukit UK101 from 1979). Way to go, John!

We are all makers and hackers