Show us your shop!

We love seeing people’s workspaces. You learn so much about them, their approach to their work, the kinds of tools they use, how they organize themselves, what of their labors they choose to display, and so on. You can also get useful ideas for organizing your own workshop, studio, or office. And generally, be inspired.

Below are two radically different working spaces. The first is the machine shop of the late Bob Jorgensen, whom I wrote about a few days ago. The second is a video by Internet pioneer Howard Rheingold, who’s a writer, artist, and futurist. The video is a guided tour of his “dream office,” the space behind his house where he does his writing, thinking, painting, and sculpture.

We want to see your workspace. In the comments, send us links to your photos (or videos) of your shop, studio, or office, and tell us something about it, point out unique features. We’ll pick our favorite and give you a copy of The Maker’s Notebook and your choice of The Best of Instructables or The Best of MAKE.



Howard’s Dream Office

Bob Jorgensen’s steam projects


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