CRAFT: Crafting with Nature
Blue Bird Card
By Jessica Okui

This little Blue Bird Card was inspired by an online avatar, proof that inspiration can come from anything. The wing swivels out to reveal the message, as if the bird is telling a secret. Here’s how I did it, if you’d like to make one to send to a friend.


Mini circle brad
Double-stick tape
White cardstock
Use a cardstock that’s 110lb or heavier.

1. Ready the template.

Download the template, then make a color printout on heavy cardstock. Cut out both pieces.

2. Fasten the wing.

Cut out a small circle, about 1cm in diameter, from the white cardstock. Punch a small hole in the designated white dot on the wing.
Place the brad through the wing and then through the cardstock circle. Open the brad.
Place a small piece of double-stick tape on top of the open brad and the little circle only. This will allow the wing to swivel freely. Adhere the wing to the back of the bird so that the brad is only visible on the back side of your card.

3. Inscribe your message.

Now all that’s left is to write a message. Pull the hidden wing out and inscribe your note. Tuck the wing back in so your recipient can be surprised when she opens it.
To make your card more personal, you can decorate your bird any way you wish. Some ideas are to draw with markers, or adorn with glitter, buttons, or ribbon.
About the Author:
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