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JingleJoe decided to give the familiar PP3 battery a look more befitting the “strange electronic devices” he has in development. He built the above frankenstinian aged-wood case complete with custom lathed terminals! That right there is some impressive dedication to the aesthetic. He also shared some info regarding his aging technique –

Bash the edges with the straight side of a hammer like this one to put grooves in it perpendicular to the edge, then bash it around a bit more with bricks and whatever bashy things you might happen to have, I used a screwdriver. Then sand the wood and stain it with a dark wood stain, maybe give it two coats, then sand the stain off a bit leaving it in grooves and nooks and crannies. for best results try to sand it off the corners and edges more than anywhere else. Then stain again :) thats pretty much it!

You’ll likely note a practical benefit as well if you’ve ever tried using alligator clips on a nine-volt’s positive terminal. Read more from his forum post. [via Hacked Gadgets]

From MAKE magazine:

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