Lorin, of Electric Western, writes:

People get excited about tubes, and they do some nifty things with them (even beyond audio). I’m trying to make working with them a little more accessible.

So, I published a Power Supply design for tube experiments – with redundant safety and small size in mind, am providing a kit of said design, and published a free 6SJ7 preamp which you CAN BREADBOARD with the above supply.

It’s all here. I’d appreciate feedback.

Also, what is scary about making with vacuum tubes? Is it the 50 to 500V DC plate supplies? Is it the “don’t open the TV/microwave” fear? I’d like to know. My bread-boarded preamp sounded just as nice as some $300 products I’ve seen for iPods and such. Maybe I’m just an idiot for pursuing this instead of a $2000 iPod enhancer design…

DIY: Experimenting with vacuum tubes