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Quick n’ dirty no-sew iPhone cozy

The holster for my iPhone broke recently and I’ve been reduced to carrying the phone around in my pocket. I sort of like this as a change, especially not having to worry about the case getting in the way of the keyboard area or the camera lens. But the phone is getting dinged up inside the garbage scow that is my pocket.

So I could use one of Lenore’s no-sew (can’t sew) iPhone cozies. With little more than some iron-on adhesive tape, some lightweight fabric, and a few minutes, you can fashion yourself a sleeve that’ll at least protect your phone from car keys, little Leathermen, loose change, and the other indignities of an over-crowded pocket.

Super quick no-sew iPhone cozy

4 thoughts on “Quick n’ dirty no-sew iPhone cozy

  1. I’ve used that “stitch witch” stuff. It’s great for tacking down seams before sewing, but it’s not a very strong bond, it’s very easy to pull apart and meant to be temporary. It’s an alternative to pinning the fabric. And it’s virtually impossible to get a neat looking even seam. That happens when you sew it.

    Calling this a new sew project is like coming up with a “no bake” cake recipe and what it really is is raw batter.

  2. Oracle: I must guess that you weren’t using this material correctly, if it is what you used. The interfaces are reasonably strong. Sure, it tears apart if you try to do so, but so do weak stitches, and the force required isn’t a whole lot less than it takes to tear the material. For this application, it’s more than sufficient.

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