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Tarina O-Ring Necklace
By Vickie Howell
This wise owl says that every gal could use a little whimsy in her life! Transform any large charm into your own crochet creation and you’ll be shouting, “Self-expression is here to stay!”
Finished Measurements: Approximately 36&#34, depending on the length of the pendant.


Ball of DMC Senso Metallic in color 1402 (45% cotton/45% acrylic/10% metallic thread; 100yds/91m)
Size US G (4.25m) hook
Large-eye embroidery needle
1 ½" plastic O-rings (15)
found in the notions section of the craft store
12mm jump rings (16) found in the jewelry section of the craft store
Large charm, medallion, or pendant
Jewelry pliers (optional)

O-Ring Directions (Make 15):

Place your hook through the center of a 1½" O-ring. Place a slipknot on your hook and pull it towards you, out of the center of the ring. Wrap the yarn counterclockwise and pull through the loop. Your yarn should now be affixed to the ring. From here on, you’ll just treat the ring as if it were a row of stitches.
Ch1, Sc all the way around until none of the plastic ring is visible (push stitches close together so they’re jam-packed on the ring). Join round with a sl st. Tie off. Using an embroidery needle, weave in the ends as best as possible.


Using your hands or a pair of jewelry pliers, split a jump ring and insert it through the yarn “seam” on one of the crocheted O-rings created by the Sc. Slide a second O-ring on and close the jump ring. You’ll now have 2 O-rings attached. Continue in this manner until all 15 O-rings are connected. Finish off by attaching jump rings onto your pendant and adding it to the O-rings to close off your necklace.
About the Author:
Vickie Howell is a mother, designer, writer, and voice for this generation’s craft movement. She hosted TV’s popular show Knitty Gritty for 8 seasons, co-hosted DIY’s Stylelicious, writes an Eco-Craft column for the healthy parenting magazine, KIWI, designs for publications worldwide, and has written several craft books, including the upcoming Pop Goes Crochet (May ’09). For more scoop, go to:

31 thoughts on “Tarina O-Ring Necklace

  1. i’m definitely going to make this one!! believe it or not, I have a similar “huge owl” pendant!! (my mom wore it in the 70’s!)
    Love your stuff, Vicki!

  2. I’m ging to try this with a blue/green metallic thread, and a silvery fish, that has kind of blue/green scales on it, I think it’ll look fab.

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