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Styrofoam chandelier

From the MAKE Flickr pool

Eric’s styrolight looks quite scifi –

I made a chandelier from the molded styrofoam packing material Apple used to use for shipping their laptops. Approx. 35″ x 35″ x 12″.

The unique lighting fixture went on to win the Sustainable prize in Design Within Reach Austin‘s M+D+F competition – congrats!

10 thoughts on “Styrofoam chandelier

  1. I work for an independent Apple reseller, and have come across thousands of these foam corner pieces from all our receivables. Never could figure out what I could do with all of em.

    Might have to try this with the cardboard versions they are now shipping with their laptops.

  2. If you install Cool running LEDs you will live long enough to collect the Sustainable prize, because Styrofoam is made from toxic stuff and if your light bulbs get hot enough for it to start off gassing? your light or you will be short lived? not only that but I don’t think Styrofoam is fire friendly or safe to keep in a house like this? if it catches fire it will spread the fire very quickly! think again and be safe.

    1. I’m well aware of the effects of heat on polystyrene, which is why I used 5W compact fluorescent bulbs (as is mentioned in the photo set). I thought about LEDs too, but the client wanted to be able to dim it, and that’s more complicated with LEDs. The CF bulbs run cool enough that I can hold one in my hand after it’s been on for 24 hours, and it’s warm but not at all hot.
      Eric (the guy who made this light)

  3. fire is always concern but I have been making styrofoam sculpture with light for the past 14years and have never had a worry, incident or complaint.
    I have been widely published and reviewed and just have a hard time believing Eric has never seen my work.

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