Kitty cot, window cat perch

One of our readers sent us a link to this commercial product, the Kitty Cot, a cat window perch, and writes:

Window + suction cups + cloth + PVC = So MAKE-able.

Kitty Cot: World’s Best Cat Perch

16 thoughts on “Kitty cot, window cat perch

    1. Seriously. The cats in those pics are pretty tiny. I think my kitty could easily outweigh two of them combined.

      It says it “holds up to 30 pounds of Cat”, but I don’t buy it. Maybe out where they are, it would, but suction cups on a window exposed to the Phoenix sun don’t stick all that well.

      …then again, maybe I do want to see Sir Chubs take an unexpected topple. He is pretty funny during flight.

  1. My main concern would be the weight you could safely apply to the glass. I love PVC stuff and I have a cat so maybe I’ll try this anyway. The cat won’t get hurt if the thing lets go.

  2. I volunteer at a cat shelter and we love our kitty cot…and so does 15 lb Sheba! She hangs out all day, enjoying the view – it is adorable! I know, I was as surprised as anyone but we have had no problems. All of the cats love it and we’ve had no tumbles! I wish I understood how it works but it does. Our window is inside but is placed under an outdoor overhang so there is no direct sun – maybe that makes a difference? Who knows, but I can’t recommend it enough!

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